Cant play anything properly.

Hi, I was using audacity some time ago, I recorded some stuff and everything worked great. Now after some time I upgraded to newer version and when I tried to play again what I recorded earlier, all I could hear is some awful sound hurting my ears. It seems like its playing at 10% speed but I its set to play at normal speed. And sometimes if I let it play long enough, it normalizes and is playing pretty much okey with some short tearing. Its not corrupted data. Reinstalling program isnt helping.

What format are the files you’re trying to play? Can you play the files with Windows Media Player?

Iam talking about Audacity project file.
I made few mp3s and they work perfectly.

Are there any differences between the computer that you are now using and the computer that you used to record the Audacity projects?
(same hardware, same operating system, same sound card, same everything, or anything different?)

Its the same notebook.

Try resetting the Preferences :

looks like its working again, thanks