Can't open webm (libraries are installed)

Well, can someone tell me what am I doing wrong? :slight_smile:

I use Audacity to open webm files on my second computer (Windows 10) with no problem at all.

Can you open the files with VLC?

– Bill

why? I don’t use VLC on Mac.

So we can see if any program on Mac can open them.

– Bill

sorry for delay in reply.
Yes, I can open it via Opera internet browser for example.

can anyone open this webm by Audacity on Mac?

For me, Firefox and VLC can open and play that file. Quicktime Player, Max and Audacity cannot.

VLC can convert webm to various audio and video formats. Until Audacity support webm, that seems to be the way to go.

– Bill

For me, VLC can open it. Nothing else can.

Webm is a “container format”, which means that the actual audio data may be in one of many different formats. It appears that Mac supports some webm files, but not others.