Can't open project in the cloud

Hello… I have a project saved in the cloud. However, whenever Audacity tries to open it I get a “Failed to decompress the Cloud project block” error. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


First time out, or you’re been doing this for weeks and this is the first one to fail.

There was another forum post who said he had trouble with filling up.


1st time… I have been searching the web for answers.

I’m out. I’ve never seen this error before. We can wait for someone with more exterience.

Meanwhile you should be doing all your work on the local drive. You can move files around anywhere you want after Audacity is off.

We recommend on a live show to Export a Perfect Quality WAV file after you get done. That’s against the time that Audacity fails during editing, you won’t have to perform it again. You are experiencing why we don’t recommend saving a Project for this job.


You are right. It was my first time using the cloud. I will go back from using the local drive again. I started out using the local drive. However, my last save I sent to the cloud. I thought that my previous save would still be on the local drive, but saving it to the cloud erased that save.

Is there a way to download the saved project from the cloud to your local drive instead of having audacity opening it?

We need to throw more words at that. There are three ways to save a Project. The first, plain, ordinary save creates and just keeps updating one “backup” Project. You think you have about a million copies of the show, but there’s only one. Apparently, saving to moves that save to prevent conflicts.

You might investigate the other two saves. Save Project As creates a new backup Project and leaves you editing that new one. Use a new name.

Save Backup Project makes a fresh backup Project (with a new name) but leaves you editing the old one.

Both of those special saves are better than plain Save. They remove the backups from production activity cycles and errors.


How did you get it there? I don’t have cloud services, but I connected my wired backup drive and copied a short show to it. So now the show is in two places. They both open (one at a time) and both play.

I don’t think Audacity will open if your attention is pointed to So how did you do that?

I’m trying to get a feel for what that new service is thinking about. Initially, I thought they followed the production playbook of making the new one appear like one of your normal connected drives.

I guess not.

As we go.