Can't Open Project File!! Please Help

Thx for the info. It’s already slow launching on Mavericks too. I always accounted that to me having around 50 text snippets open on launch, but it might be related to the program itself. Anyhow, doesn’t matter much, as I seldom shut down and Text Wrangler is always running.

I also know of > Brackets > which is certainly fast and perhaps easier than TextWrangler for a simple edit.

Didn’t know that one. I’ll look into it. Thx.

I see. No hex, so that’s out for me. Seems good foor HTML editing though…

I think opening previous files is the problem. If I close all the files before quitting it, it seems to launch OK.

It also doesn’t open a file if you SPACE to preview the file in Finder then use the button to open in TextWrangler.


That works fine here, on Mavericks…

Guys, I just wanted to say a big thank you. All your posts make sense and I will take it on board for the future.

Sorry for the late reply, I got crashed out after exceeding the upload limit to the forum (note to self)!

Sorry if I caused anyone any unnecessary headaches.