Can't open my .aup folder in recent update

Hello, I am using Audacity version 2.1.3 on a Windows 10 operating machine. I was trying to open my audacity project, however, I keep getting a window that reads:
“[directory to my project] is an Audacity Project file. Please use the ‘File > Open’ command to open audacity projects.”

The only problem is, I DID use the File > Open command. And I got the exact same message.

Yes, the _data folder and the .aup folder are in the same place. It just seems as if Audacity is treating the “open” command as the “import” command.

Can anybody help out?

You might get that if the AUP file was damaged. Open it in a text editor (NotePad??) and read it. Do Not Save anything.

It should be XML semi-English programming, something like this.

One possibility is it being blank or another is full of NUL NUL NUL, or other unhelpful characters.

If you do have a normal AUP file, scan down in the weird words until you hit projname=". That’s the original name of the Project. In that illustration it’s third line down, about 2/3 to the right. The AUP file and _DATA folders need to be the same name and they need to be that name.


Thanks Koz,

It turns out that somehow my file got corrupted. It was filled with the “NUL” characters. Thank you for your help.


I’ve heard of that occurring if the computer shuts down before Audacity has finished saving the file. Is it possible that could have happened in this case?

I’m also interested in how you know that the file is filled with NUL characters. I’m sure you are right, but I’m interested in how you know that. I thought that Windows didn’t normally show NUL characters - how are you viewing the AUP file?