Can't open my aup file

I’m heartbroken. I was working on a project and I kept saving it since my computer kept crashing. I thought it was fine since the file always got recovered when the computer turned back on. This time however, the computer crashed at the same time I hit ctrl + s.

I tried to recover the file but it was saying that the files were not recognized. Fine, usually when that happens I go directly to the aup file. I did that, and this time I got a notification that audacity did not recognize the file. It told me to go to file>open which was what i did. My other aup files are playing except for this one. Data file is still there too. What am I going to do?

my computer kept crashing.

Do you know why your computer is crashing?

Open your AUP file in a text editor. It should look something like this with English-like words in odd combinations.

If you have anything else such as black blocks, graphic characters, or blank/nothing, then that’s the end of that Project. Audacity version 2 had a terrible track record for recovering an edit. Usually it just can’t be done.

Audacity 3.1.3 has the ability to save Backup Projects. A backup has no links to the on-going edit, so if you do have a crash, you can go back to the last Backup and keep on going. Audacity 2 couldn’t do that.

Without question you need to find why your machine is crashing and fix it before you do anything else.

“Usually, my Project is recovered after a crash.” There is no “usual crash.” your machine is broken.


How do I open up the aup file in a text editor? Do I right click it?

Right-Click > Open With > Notepad.

I think. I’m not a Windows elf.

You’re doing this just to see it. Don’t save anything.


Of the three people working on your show, Producer, Engineer, and Performer, you will shortly wear the Producer hat. That’s the human who writes the checks and determines the direction of the show.

– When do you give up and start over?

– What are you going to do about the broken machine? The computer doesn’t have to be broken. You could be just filling it up. Sometimes New Users leave everything running and just keep opening new applications one after the other. Eventually, the machine will fill up and start acting ratty. I used to regularly get one of the department managers out of trouble by closing all his napping applications and starting over.

You can also fill up the permanent storage hard drive. The computer will not like that very much.