Can't open mp3 files


I have weird problem. I try to open recorded skype call in audacity, but it keeps showing me that MP3 file can’t be open. I already installed LAME, and FFmpeg and set all preferences (read some threads on the forum and checked Audacity’s FAQ for instructions) but it keeps showing me that it cant be opened.

Any ideas what else can I do, or what did I do wrong? :confused:

What you did wrong was not giving us the information requested in the pink panel at the top of this page. :wink:

The full text of the error message would be useful too, and the information from Help > Show Log… top right of the Audacity menus which shows what importers tried to import your file.

Have you imported MP3 files from this Skype recorder before? Which Skype recorder are you using exactly?

Audacity should import MP3 without LAME (that is only for writing MP3’s) or FFmpeg. However you can try FFmpeg to import the file. To do that, File > Import > Audio…, then in the "Files of type:‘’ dropdown, choose “FFmpeg-compatible files”, then select your file.

If that does not help, download “MediaInfo” from Get the version without installer, because the installer may have malware or adware. Open the MP3 file in MediaInfo, press View > Text then copy and paste here what it says about the file.