can't open - "does not have a program associated with it"

I have windows vista. I redownloaded audacity today to see if that would help - but no go. I edited my song, but when I export it then save it to my documents- a message comes up that “this file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action.” I have tried to save it as a mp3, wav, and AIFF. They all say the same thing when I try to open them from where I have saved them. I used this last year and it opened fine. I need to open them in itunes to play on my ipod. please help!!!

Can’t you make an association in Windows? Right-click the file > Properties > Opens with: > Change.

It is a little squirrelly that a Microsoft WAV file doesn’t immediately try to open up in Windows Media.


There is no “opens with” option in properties when I right click my file. :frowning:

Check that the Project Rate (lower left corner of the main Audacity window) is set to 44100.
Then try exporting an audio file in WAV format and name it “test” (without quotes).


What was it that fixed the problem?
Was it the “Project Rate” setting or the file name?
(avoid using dots, slashes or weird characters in file names)