Cant open _datafolder and orig wav export gone

Recorded an hour and change session -saved both as project and then exported as wav. Wav files gone - Data file has over 300 small wav files-
any way to get the orig session back. Nothing crashed- but now cant open anything- Revovery utility not working either after downloading that.
Is this too far gone and I should re record. It’s spoken audio for a podcast
Thanks in adavance,
Ps- is there any way to merge all the small wav files ?

Only if you have the “Project file” (the file that is saved with a “.aup” extension). If you don’t have the .AUP file, then I’d suggest that you cut your losses and start again.

That is weird. A WAV file is just an ordinary file. Ordinary files should not just disappear.
Does your computer have other problems?

What did you call it? The exact filename?

Does a Windows Search turn up anything? Partial hits?