Can't open .aup3 project stored on the network drive (3.0.2)

Hi all,

Our class stored the .aup3 files into the documents folder of our personal home drive, which is a network drive.

We can see the files listed in the File Explorer window, however, when we double-click on the file to open the file directly, the below error message show

The same message also show when we tried to open the file under Audacity with File > Open

Besides, my classmate have this error message when opening the .aup3 file, does it mean the project file is corrupted?

Please advise the issue, and thanks for help!

Audacity doesn’t get along well with network drives. Try moving the show to a local, internal drive and open it there.

If it still won’t open, it may be damaged from the trip back and forth to the drive.

It’s not an arbitrary failure. Audacity assumes its drives can do all of its sound jobs including jobs that require perfect, split-second timing such as overdubbing. External, Network, and Cloud Drives can’t do those jobs reliably.


Thanks for reply.

Will copy the project file to local desktop before opening it. :slight_smile:

In a word, no. There is something else going on here.

It is also easy to be confused when Windows hides the file extensions. It can be difficult to know when you are looking at an .mp3, a .wav, or an .aup3 file, for example. Windows will start showing you file extensions if you go to File Explorer, click on the “View” tab, then check “File name extensions”.