Can't open aup file

I recorded live concert in two parts - first half and then second half after intermission. I can’t open the second half aup file. Both were saved as project files. Neither have been moved or renamed. Both data files are there in the same file. Here is the error message:

Error importing

“C\Users\Erik\Documents\Summit By Candlelight Part 2.aup” is an Audacity Project file. Use the “File > Open” command to open Audacity Projects.

That’s how I was trying to open the file, from within Audacity.

Windows 10, .exe install vers 2.1.2

Open the .AUP file in a text editor (don’t save anything or make any changes) and see what’s in there. We’re expecting the same programming and text as in the one that works.

Both data files are there in the same file.

You said some weird things. This is an Audacity Project.

Based on your description of the show, I would expect two of those with different names. FirstHalf.aup, FirstHalf_data and SecondHalf.aup, SecondHalf_data. Maybe in the same folder, but two independent shows. That’s not quite what you said. What did you do at the intermission? Restart Audacity? Press Stop and then Record for the second half? That would have given you two sets of blue waves on the timeline. The second export would have given you both halves of the show playing at the same time.

Have you ever done anything like this before?


Yes, two different names, two different data files. What I meant was that both data files are in the same file with the two aup files.

Part 1 opens no problem. Part 2 won’t open and gives the error message above.
Summit aup.PNG
I’ll compare the text files
summit data.PNG

I pulled the text files from both project files. The one I can’t open was blank. But the data folder has 390+ MB of data.

The one I can’t open was blank.

Right. That’s what happens when you close up shop before Audacity is done writing all its files. The AUP file is last.

As long as you didn’t do any editing or changes to the second part of the show, it may be possible to recover some of it.


Thanks == I will try tomorrow.

Here is a direct link to the page you want