Can't open .aup at all

Hi - I’ve done lots of Googling but can’t figure this out. I recorded three sessions today, and the first two open just fine. The third just won’t at all. I’ve searched everywhere for the _data folders, but there aren’t any on my Mac at all, even for the projects that DID open.

When I click on the file, it blinks like it’s going to do something but then never does.

Any ideas what’s wrong?

I’m running latest versions of everything.

One more note: I did transfer the .aup to Google Drive at some point, but even taking it back out and trying to open from the computer isn’t working. Heeelllp…

What happens if you launch Audacity, then “File menu > Open” and select the project file?

Which version of Audacity are you using?

The same thing happens whether I click on the icon or try to open within the app. Latest version of Audacity.

Possibly not. The latest version does not save as AUP, it saves as AUP3.
Look in “Audacity menu > About Audacity” for the exact version number.

My error; yes, it’s .aup3. I didn’t realize there was a difference. I downloaded Audacity three days ago to a new computer, so I’m sure it’s the latest version.

So this morning I started everything up fresh and the file will open. But is it normal that there are no _data folders at all for the recordings I’m making?

Yes it is - because from 3.0.0 onwards the entire data for a project is contained withn a single unified project database file.


And see: