Can't Open Audacity

I’ve been using Audacity for a while, but it has never crashed on me this badly before. I was using Audacity version 1.3.2 Beta, and after using the Time/Pitch Shift tool, Audacity crashed, and when I open it, it says Application Error and gives the code (0xc0000096). I uninstalled that version, manually deleting the files I know of that aren’t deleted with the uninstaller, which are under C:UsernameAppdataRoamingAudacity. I tried installing the new version, 2.0.2, but the same error message came up when I tried opening it.

Please help, I use this software a lot.

Error 0xc0000096 usually indicates a damaged or faulty system file.
First thing to do is to run a full system virus scan - preferably a boot time scan that is also able to detect rootkit virus.
If that comes up clean, try restoring to a point before the crash occurred.
When the problem is resolved, upgrade to the current version of Audacity from here:

By restoring, do you mean restoring windows? Because it’s not windows that crashes, it’s just audacity.

Windows System Restore System Restore - Wikipedia not reinstalling Windows. This sets the computer’s program and driver files (but not your text and music files) back to a previous known state.


Yes. The error code is a rather general one, but suggests that the problem is with a system or driver file that is being used by Audacity. It is unlikely to be a file that is included in Audacity because you have already tried completely replacing Audacity with the latest version and that made no difference.