Can't open amp.3 files with version 3.0.2

Hi there

I have problems with Audacity. Everytime I try to save I can’t open the aup.3 files again.

When I open Audacity it tells that several projects were not saved properly, but I save the project as normal.

I have 3 projects that I can’t open and it drives me crazy. I have been using many hours working on it.

Can you please help me

Best regards
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What happens when you click the “Recover Selected” button?

The program crashes.

Here is a screenshot
Skærmbillede 2021-05-19 kl. 14.52.06.jpg

Try this:

  1. Ensure that only the first project in the list is selected (untick the other two).
  2. Click the “Recover Selected” button.
    3a. If the project is recovered, save the project and then exit Audacity.
    3b. If Audacity crashes, ignore that one for now.

Repeat the process for each of the projects, one at a time.

After attempting to recover each of the projects, and projects that cannot be recovered should be deleted.
To delete the unrecoverable projects:

  1. Ensure that the project is ticked.
  2. Click the “Discard Selected” button.
  3. Exit Audacity.

You should then be able to restart Audacity without any errors.

Crossed posts.

That’s not a crash.
That just shows that the project that Audacity tried to recover does not contain any audio data. You should discard that project because there is nothing that can be recovered from it.

Thank you for your help.

I´m not that good at english, so I hope you understand my words :slight_smile:

I can’t only open one of the projects because Audacity keeps on loading so I have to lock it down. I can do that on repeat.

It seems like Audacity just doesn’t want to be friends with my Mac :confused:

Did you create the projects in Audacity 3.0.2, or did you create them in an earlier version and then update Audacity?

I create them all ind the newest version.

After saving I can’t open the prjects again and Audacity makes trouble (I can’t open the program again).