Can't monitor recording.

I’m new to this, so please bear with my ignorance. I can’t monitor my recording. I can play it back just fine once it’s been recorded, but it records in total silence. I followed the procedure in the manual: clicked on the mic icon next to the recording VU meter to start monitoring, tried to adjust the speaker volume on the right, and while the VU meter shows the recording levels, I get no sound. But as I said I can play it back after finishing and that’s working just fine.

What step(s) have I missed?

Obviously you need to use headphones to avoid feedback but you can set up the microphone using the “listen to this device” check box in mmsys.cpl sound control window. Use run or a command prompt window to start this panel ( > mmsys.cpl ) then look at the properties of your microphone under the recording tab.

Thanks, but 'm not using a microphone — I’m recording straight from vinyl. I don’t see my turntable listed under recording devices.

Transport >Transport Options > Software Playthrough



Thanks! That was the solution!