Can't make sound louder.

Hi guys, I want to make sound louder in my recordings. The speakers someone time say something loud which creates like high peaks, higher than the rest of the recording. When I do Normalize, even when i do 0db, because of those high peaks I can’t increase volume by that much. any suggestions or advise please?

That’s what compressors and limiters fix. The overly simplified description is to boost quiet sounds and not the loud ones. It does create distortion when you do that because after you “fix” the show, it’s not the same as the original performance.

There are many different ways of compressing and limiting which is why there are so many tools and they have multiple controls.

What is the show? Are you singing and playing guitar?

Most bought music is highly compressed and processed which is why if you sing the same song at home you don’t sound anything like famous performers.