Can't make Audacity install in ENGLISH no way

Dear Somebody.

I can’t tell you what version of Audacity I downloaded because it isn’t in English, even though I got it from the main site which Is in English! I can’t read any of the instructions in the manual because that isn’t in English either and I don’t know what language it’s in! (MIGHT be Dutch. That’s a guess.) I’ve uninstalled/redownloaded/reinstalled and it still isn’t in English. (Same language that might be Dutch - or not!)

I read the WIKI that said the language change function was the 5th item down in Preferences. It might have been in whatever verions the Wiki’s using - not in this one. I dunno what the 5th option down is on this as I cannot read it, but when I click on it, there is nothing obvious to let me change languages. Same with all the others. I’ve clicked on every option in Preferences - remember I can’t read what any of them are - and I still can’t change the darned thing into English.

OK. Now I’m ASSUMING there’s an English version of Audacity out there SOMEWHERE as the website’s in English. I’ve tried older versions from Filehippo and they don’t install in English either, maybe because when I uninstall this one it’s leaving something behind I don’t know about that puts any other installation into this foreign language. I dunno about that, that’s a guess too. Please, if there IS an English version of Audacity out there, which one is it? I’m sorry I don’t read Dutch or whatever language this thing’s in, but I can only read English.

If Audacity isn’t in English yet, just the website’s been translated, can you tell me and I’ll have to get something else.

Yours bemusedly


If you get Audacity 2.0.2 from our site then the Wiki instructions will work.

CTRL + P to open Preferences.

Click the fifth item down in the list on the left.

Now you’ll see three long boxes on the right:

Click the middle one of those boxes, choose English and click OK.