can't locate libmp3lame.dylib

I need help with this. Here’s what I have done. I have done some searching and can’t seem to see a solution.
Installed Audacity 2.1.2 on my Mac running OS X Yosemite 10.10.5
Downloaded the Lame_Library_v3.98.2_for_Audacity_on_OSX.dmg and that is in my “Downloads” folder.
I double click that and it brings up a .pkg file in a window.
I double click that and it asks me if i am sure I want to open it.
I select “open” and it goes through the install process as a "Standard install on “Macintosh HD”.
I select install and I get a notification that the installation was successful.
At this point it i also see the “Lame Library v.3.98.2 for” “mounted” as a device on the side of my finder widow. Should I "eject " this after the install is done? I am sort of new to mac, so I’m not quite clear on this.
I have done this process a number of times, so I also don’t know if I have six installations, or if it installed over the same each time?
Of course when I try to find the file needed to do the “Export to MP3” it asks me to search and thats where I hit the wall.
I have looked in the suggested locations and can’t find it. I am not a lifelong mac user so maybe I am doing something wrong. The locations that have been suggested: “the top-level (Macintosh HD) library, that is, at Library/Application/Support/Audacity.” and “Music>Audacity” don’t seem to exist on my machine, and I have done a search for the file “libmp3lame.dylib” and finder never seems to be able to locate it. And of course the default location (/usr/local/lib/audacity/libmp3lame.dylib that Audacity wants it to be in seems to be a mystery for me to find as well.

I have been struggling with this for a few days now, please help!

First item. That’s the wrong directory—two errors.

/Users/koz/Library/Application Support/audacity

We should wait for a more senior elf. This is a favorite place for Audacity magic. My Audacity exports MP3 just fine, but claims it’s finding its lame dynamic library in a folder which doesn’t exist. [haunted house music]


That is because opening “Locate” in Libraries Preferences just shows you the “MP3LibPath” specified in the audacity.cfg settings file, or the default location if no path is specified in audacity.cfg.

If you delete the folder that “Locate” shows you but put libmp3lame.dylib somewhere that Audacity automatically detects it, then you can get LAME working when the MP3LibPath does not exist.


You can eject it. It is not going to help (see below).

Installed over the same location each time.

I would not bother. The installer puts libmp3lame in /usr/local/lib/audacity. If Audacity has not detected libmp3lame.dylib there itself when you open the Audacity Preferences then the Mac is locking out /usr/local/lib/audacity, as it often does.

The simplest solution is to follow the instructions here instead: FAQ:Installation, Startup and Plugins - Audacity Manual. You can even do it simpler than that. Just copy the extracted libmp3lame.dylib file into the folder where you have Audacity installed, and Audacity should recognise LAME.

Obviously if you do it that way, you must take care not to delete libmp3lame.dylib when you upgrade Audacity.


Thank you very much!!!

I will give this a try over the weekend.

I’m trying to export a file as an mp3 and keep getting the error “message: Could not open MP3 Encoding Library!”

I have followed the steps recommended above and on Audacity’s FAQ, but keep getting this error and it’s quite frustrating.

Appreciate your help!

  1. Ensure that you have the current version of Audacity and ensure that it is correctly installed. If in doubt, trash your current version and start again: Audacity ® | Download for Mac OS

  2. Download and install lame exactly as described here: Installing and updating Audacity on Mac - Audacity Manual

There is no such directory on my Yosemite. Do you have another path where I can find where LAME was installed by default using CTL+SHIFT+G? MacBook Pro, Yosemite. Thanks!

There is no such directory as what? It is not clear what you are asking.
If you install Audacity and LAME according to the installation instructions, Audacity should find LAME automatically.