Can't locate files

I’m new to Audacity and I’ve already encountered the following problem with its use:

I was able to readily save my recordings. However, after I converted them into MP3 files to burn via ITunes, I took the Audacity program files for each recording, and dropped them into my general files. Now, when I click on the audacity version, not the newer MP3 conversion, I receive and error message for any of my Audacity recordings, which states: Couldn’t find the project data folder “Cadiology_data”. The same holds true for the other audio files that I created. I am trying to open those original recordings so that I can edit them. Also, where should I put the file folders in the future so that Audacity will open my original recordings?

This is very frustrating and Audacity certainly requires a learning curve.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Important concept:

  • Save” Audacity Projects
  • Export” audio files

An “Audacity Project” is not a normal audio file. As with many digital audio workstations, Audacity works with “projects” that contain audio data, layout data, controller data and other bits and pieces, and the audio data is separate from the rest of the data. Essentially there are 2 parts to an Audacity Project, there is the AUP file (Audacity Project file), and there is the audio data. For a self contained project, the audio data is in a folder that has “_data” as the last part of the folder name. The AUP file contains instructions for Audacity to tell the program what to do with the audio data. Both parts of the project (the AUP file and the audio data) are essential, and must be kept together at all times. Do not manually rename either the AUP file or its _data folder, and do not move one without the other.

“Audio files” are just ordinary audio files, such as WAV or MP3 files.

To learn how to handle Audacity Projects safely, read this: