Can't load FFMPEG with newly compiled Audacity [SOLVED]

I’m using my self-compiled Audacity version with ASIO support and, even though I don’t receive any errors, the FFMPEG library isn’t loaded and I can’t open any FFMPEG supported file. When I try to load the library from the Preferences menu it just won’t load it, without showing any messages. Lame on the other hand is perfectly working. Could this be caused by the ASIO libraries?

Exactly what version of Audacity have you compiled?

If you compiled HEAD, Audacity will require a shared build of FFmpeg 1.2 or later. Try .


I’ve compiled the HEAD version, yet none of those libraries can be loaded. I’ve decided to (temporary?) give up ASIO in Audacity anyway.

I have not tested, but I doubt enabling ASIO would affect loading of a correct shared build of FFmpeg.

Try this specific build of FFmpeg: . That one is known to work in Audacity without ASIO enabled.


I use this one with ASIO enabled (although no current sound card of mine actually uses ASIO at the moment, shouldn’t matter anyway).

This one works indeed, thank you :slight_smile: