can't install nq plugins on linux mint 17

i know linux mint 17 is running out, but ive tried a lot of ubuntus ,mints, but nothing seems to work proberly, installed linux 17 mint again, and : flawless, exept : my nq plugins are not recognized in audacity anymore. i know how you normaly install these plug ins : home/.audacity-data/plugins, or home/usr/share/audacity/nq plugins . has this something to do with the fact that linux mint 17 is not supported anymore? (although i havent got any ‘not supported’ messages when updating)
done that a 100 times, but now, nothing seem to work, anybody? have a good weekend! cheers!

If you install Audacity from the default Mint repository, it should still work.

That should be:


That should be:


If Audacity is a sufficiently recent version, you can also use: