Can't install LAME library

When I download the LAME library and go to Preferences and select the library, the file is listed there but when I click ok, it never installs the library. I have followed the instructions on the install guide, rebooted multiple times and it still won’t install. Any tips or tricks I’m missing?

Did you run the installer?
– Bill

I’ve downloaded the DMG multiple times but it never runs through an install routine.

Yes, but did you double-click the installer program (pkg file) on the DMG?


Have you installed the 64-bit library rather than then 32-bit one ?

The 64=bit one is only for the upcoming 2.3.1 release of Audacity which will be 64-bit on Mac.

On the download page the 64-bit libraries are now at the top of the Mac section, scroll down to get to the 32-bit libraries.