Can't install audacity on Linux mint

Hi everyone,

I am trying my very best to install Audacity on Linux mint, but I can’t get it to work. I tried to follow the tutorial on the Audacity wiki, but that tutorial seems to be outdated (it talks about an older version of audacity than the current version). When I tried to get wxGTK to work… well, it didn’t.

Now, please assume that I am completely stupid, because that’s what I am when it comes to computers. How can I install Audacity on linux mint by compiling it?

And where do you download GTK-dev-packages and how do they work, because it may be stupid, but I really don’t understand the tutorial for compiling audacity on this.

Thanks in advance, anyone who answers this.

Isn’t there a pre-compiled package of audacity for linux mint?

You can probably get the required dev packages from the distro’s repositories.

Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu/Debian, so, even if you don’t have a pre-built package of audacity from mint, you may try to install one from ubuntu/debian.

Here’s an example on how to compile it on ubuntu/debian, should be similar on mint:

I can step you through the whole process but I am a Linux newbie, Steve might be a better source for help on this! I also found the provided material out-of-date and a bit confusing but I did manage to figure it all out with lots of hand-holding!

If you do not really need to compile bgravato’s suggestions about getting the distro are good. If you want to compile because you want to make changes the first thing to do is get wxWidgets compiled in Unicode (the default) builds (both Debug & Release) as .so libraries. This is very easy once you get all the dependencies installed/built.
Read this:
work your way through all the steps and get everything working until you compile with no errors.

Now to get Audacity compiled read this (as well as the link bgravato suggested:

When/if you get stumped post here again and let us know exactly where you are in the process and what the problem is–we can almost assuredly help you!

Audacity is available for Mint via the package manager.

BTW, you might also have a hard time building Audacity because the current SVN HEAD fails to build on some systems (and has failed for about 2 months):

check out:
for details on getting a SVN version which will compile if you run into problems.