can't import


I have windows 10
the latest audacity version.
And i can’t import, so i have found some youtube video’s where you can find how to solve the problem.
But, thats it even when i do everything right it still give me the error when i want to import or drag a audio file in it.
The audio files are from audacity it self so i don’t get it.
Here is a link to a prntscrn that my library’s are 100% oke:
Can someone help me its been 2 hours that i try to solve this.

The audio files are from audacity it self so i don’t get it.

What’s the file format? …Are these audio file (WAV, MP3, etc?) or Audacity project files (AUP)?

thats the file type

AUP is a project manager file, it’s not sound.

Double click the AUP file or Audacity > File > Open.

The AUP file is a team with the _DATA folder. They both have to be available for the show to open.


And that means… an AUP file by-itself is not “complete”.

…You have to be careful when moving or sharing [u]Audacity Projects[/u] or information (including the actual audio) can get “lost”.

If you are moving or sharing files, it’s best to move/share WAV (o FLAC) files unless you absolutely need to move/share the project. And if you are recording and you don’t have original audio files, it’s a good idea to export a WAF file of whatever you’re working on as a “safety/backup”. In many cases you can work with regular audio files and you may not need to create an Audacity project at all.