can't import *.wav and *mp3 properly


I am using v2.4.2 and have installed the ffmpeg library, however it appears I can’t import *.wav & *.mp3 files properly. for a 2 hours wav file, it only shows the first few seconds.

To make sure it is definitely an audacity problem, I have used a *.mp3 that I export from an audacity project, but still no luck.

Any advice on this that I shall try?


Hi ruanmao. I don’t know much about macOS, but perhaps someone with more experience will pitch in here. From the Audacity web site: “MacOS 10.07 (Lion) to 10.12 (Sierra) are no longer officially supported, but are believed to work with the latest Audacity version.”

Can you post your mp3 file to Dropbox, then post a link to the file here ? Also, take a screenshot of Audacity (you can post that directly here - Click on Attachments)

I’ve tested on my Macbook Pro with 10.15.7updated Catalina with both 2.4.2 and the latest alpha build I have for the upcoming 3.0.0 and I can successfully drag MP3s and AAC files from my iTunes library directly onto an open Audacity Window.

None of these audio files were bought from iTunes - they were all created as WAVs from Audacity and imported to my iTunes where I converted to MP3 or AAC

Later today I will be able to retest on Big Sur which is downloading for my Mac right now.


And now with Big Sur macOS 11.0.1 I’m finding that I can drag&drop some AACs from my iTunes library but not all. Very confusing as sometimes I can drag some AACs from an album bit other AACs from the same album don’t work - they drag but they don’t drop. :confused:

And ones that don’t drop into an Audacity Window, I can take the same AAC file drag&drop it onto my desktop and then drag&drop it from desktop to Audacity open window - so that ma be a useful workaround for you.

MP3s and the occasional WAV files in there seem OK for drag&drop