can't import .au files from separate folder

After a 6+ hour recording into a single file, my /c drive ran out of room.
I tried to save as a project, but choices were grayed out. I do see that
there is an autosave, and I sent the temp folder contents to my /d drive
and renamed the folder.

I cannot figure out how to import the .au files. There are quite a lot of them, so
doing it one by one is not an option.


This is an older Vaio, XP, and the Audacity came from an .exe file and is current release.

Thanks ! I can see a lot of use for this great program.

Recovery is not an Audacity strong point.


Doesn’t look like autosave routine is going to help.

I’m looking for a way to simply import the orphaned .au files. There are a lot of them, but they seem to be in sequential order.
One at a time just is not going to be practical.
Unfortunately, doesn’t look like entire contents of folders cannot be imported.

Audacity did give the folder a name - “project 7104” @ 2.7g. I moved it to another drive.


Please be careful with XP. It is a security risk given Microsoft no longer supports XP with patches. See


Have you tried the AUTOSAVE route? Try that first. Open the AUTOSAVE file in Notepad or similar. The file is at Documents and SettingsApplication DataAudacityAutoSave. Remember you may have to show hidden files in order to see the AutoSave folder.

Look for “datadir=” near the top of the file. Change that to the path where you moved the temp folder’s “project7104” folder to.

For example, it might look like:



Thanks for your time and help, I appreciate it.

I went to the AUTOSAVE folder and changed the datadir to the current file location.

I have the folder, have the .au files, but cannot get Audacity to import unless I do each of the
individual files one at a time from the folder. That would be a huge task.

Any other way to perform some kind of batch import from the project folder?

If you have that edited AUTOSAVE file at Documents and SettingsApplication DataAudacityAutoSave, then when you restart Audacity you should see a dialogue like this:

Choosing to recover the project should attempt to piece together the data you have, if the subfolders in the “project7104” folder are in the correct order and contain the AU files that the AUTOSAVE file is expecting.

If the Automatic Recovery does not work you will have to time sort the AU files, then rename them while time sorted into a consecutive naming sequence. Then you can use the “1.2 Recovery Utility” to recover the AU files into one or more WAV files. To attempt that, please see:
Audacity Manual .