can't hear words on bad quality phone recording done in car

Any help appreciated. I’m new to audacity and have the latest version 2.0.3 and am using Windows XP (2002).

I have been trying to clean up some recordings I’ve done on my phone of me dictating new lyrics. Unfortunately I was driving at the time and the background noise is so bad on most of it that I can’t hear the words.

I have tried using noise removal - which seems to distort the words alot - and still cant hear - and Ive also tried applying the compressor effect - which doesn’t get rid of the background noise.

I have attached a sample of the audio i’m trying to fix (wav file) and original audio is in .amr files and I’ve installed a plug in for audacity to allow me to keep using the .amr format for editing.

If someone can let me know how to clean up this audio, if it is possible, that would be great. Thanks. Sadie

The file you attached is not a valid audio file. Please see here for how to attach an audio sample .

Generally if the noise is too high compared to what you wanted to record, the recording is not recoverable.


Hi - I followed those instructions - not sure why it’s not playing.

thanks for the advilce - had a feeling I couldn’t recover the recording.