can't hear what I'm recording

I’m running 10.14.6 Mojave. new at Audacity and when recording can’t hear the sound. Is there a button some place that I click on? On some recording devices you can choose. I want to listen while recording. Thank You Bill

Click on Transport (menu) > Transport Options > Software Playthrough: make sure it is checked.
– Bil

same problem. when I click on Software Playthrough, I hear as I record, but it is delayed and not in real time.

That is normal. If you need to hear yourself without a delay (for example for overdubbing or voice recording) you need an audio interface that sends sound directly to your headphones.

Thanks for your prompt response. Since I used to be able to voice record and listen at the same time (I read books for the blind), I have to assume that I changed some setting that inadvertently caused this. I’m really not at all tech savvy, so perhaps you can suggest where in Audacity or Windows 10 I might try my luck.

What microphone and/or interface are you using to record?

I think I’m too stupid for this conversation. I don’t know what is meant by interface. I’m using a Win-tech headset with mic (wh-2688) with its 2 mini jacks (red & green) plugged in to a Fujitsu PC. There is no special sound card. Drivers are by Realtek

Problem solved. Disabled Transport> Software Playthrough. Enabled playback on the Microphone tab in the Realtek Audio Manager.
Thanks for your help. Perhaps this will help some other dope like me. :smirk:

Gotta love the pup. Looks smarter than me…