Can't hear voice while recording

Hi guys I’m new at this so I’m not completely sure what I’m doing but I know the jist of things. Anyway, I have a mackie onyx blackjack recording interface and an audio technica condenser mic… when I tap on the microphone when I hit record, there are soundwaves there from me tapping but when I play the recording back, I can’t hear a thing… please help, thankyou!

How are you listening? Where are your headphones plugged in? When Windows sees a USB device plugged in, it sometimes assumes that sound needs to go both ways, record-from and play-to. Not all interfaces will do that.

Did you save your work? If you have blue waves and bouncing green playback meters, then you have a good show whether or not you can hear it.

File > Save Project As and call it a name with no punctuation marks in it (no dates).

– or –

File > Export > WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit PCM

After you do that, unplug your sound equipment and restart Audacity and open the show. Can you hear now?