cant hear through my earphones...

I was wondering if someone can help me. I LOVE this program. I am someone who is slow at programs but this is working great for me. I bought a usb hook up and the sound is even much better but I still cant hear myself pay. I bought the Guitar link hook up. it has a jack for the Guitar (that works great) and one for my earphones (that doesn’t work). I will run through what system I have:
HP with a and athion 2 x2 240 processor 2.80 ghz with 3.00 ram and windows 7 home edition. The sound card is from the computer. But I do have a Labtec booster system for my speakers.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do you mean that you can’t here yourself through the USB headphones while you are recording through the USB Guitar Link? If so, the reason for that is that your playback and recording devices are different devices and there is no physical (wired) connection between the two. You could enable “Software Playthrough” in Audacity but that will introduce an unacceptable time delay between the sound going in and the sound coming out. You need to use conventional headphones plugged directly into the Guitar Link.

Thanks for the reply. Yea. I can record myself. I can hear it play back but I thought I could just plug in ear phones and listen to myself play. I am plugged right into the Guitar link. The guitar link is a usb port. There has to be some sort of setting to allow me to listen to myself play…This is what they said I would be able to do with this thing. This is a link to what I won. maybe i got a cheap one?
Once again thanks for the reply

With your guitar plugged into the jack input of the Guitar Link, the USB connected to the computer, and your (non-USB) headphones plugged into the Guitar Link you should be able to hear the guitar through the headphones regardless of whether Audacity is running or not. Ensure that the headphone volume is turned up on the Guitar Link (and don’t assume that the volume control works the expected way round, try it turned to the right and to the left). Try the level switch on both high and low settings.

Thanks once again for the reply. I now see I can listen through my earphone when I play back what I record. I logged off AOL and I even heard the “goodbye” through them. So the sound is going through but for some reason when I play I can hear it unless I record it and play it back… Strange huh… You say The headphone volume levels. Where is that???/
Thanks again… I’m getting closer LOL

In the picture that you posted there is a headphone volume control on the left side of the device.

Yea. It was turned all the way up and when I logged off AOL it yelled at me “goodbye” man did that hurt my ears. LOL. but yes. Like I said I can hear my playback and anything else I play on the computer like videos and so forth so I have sound coming out of it. I just cant hear myself play. I did that thing you said to do (“Software Playthrough”) but it has a Huge delay and drove me nuts. LOL. I was hoping to use it instead of my amp to play quietly. I also just want to hear myself play as a record. I just cant seem to figure it out. Like I said I can hear a lot of things through it just not when I am playing. and I can hear myself play with the “software playthough” just way to long of a lag.
Thanks again

still cant figure it out… oh well. i guess there is something wrong with this thing. Or im missing something…