Can't Hear Synth Anywhere Other Than Its Own Phones

I have a Roland xp30 connected via MIDI (two cables In and Out)to a Tascam Us.122 mixer. Mixer connected via USB to Dell computer running Windows XP 2000 (Service Pack 3). Using Audacity 2.0.3. Device set to Out Us122 and In Us122. My USB light is ON at mixer. I can monitor a previously recorded and imported song with headphones plugged into Phones line on mixer. I have line out L&R connnected to computer IN. However, I cannot hear new synth input no matter where I plug in headphones. Not with phones plugged into mixer or computer can I ever hear synth play. Any clues what to check for, settings, et? Thanks.

Further research seems to tell me one CANNOT record audio using Audacity if the audio input comes via MIDI cables. I connect synth to mixer via MIDI, but mixer to computer via USB. Is my problem as obvious as MIDI will not work on Audacity? Thanks.

Also, MIDI isn’t “input.” It’s bi-directional machine control, not audio at all. I use adapter cables on my keyboard’s headphone output and record that. Koz

Thanks, Koz. I found it works great just by unplugging MIDI and going back to L and R IN using 1/4 inch guitar type cord from synth into mixer :slight_smile: