Can't hear sounds being recorded using WASAPI option

(Am on Win 10.0.18362 and using Audacity 2.3.3)

In Audacity, I have 2 sets of speakers listed. Why is that?
when I try and record sounds coming thru my computer
speakers using WASAPI, I have to choose the speaker option which
I can’t hear! It will record the sound, but I can’t hear it while it’s recording!

I should be able to hear what is being recorded thru my actual
computer speakers.


Please save your “Audio device info” ( and attach that file to your reply ( so that we can see what your computer’s sound system is like.

Here is my audio info text file. see attached txt file.
btw, I have Audacity at work and Win 7, and it works
fine. I have work audio info attached also for
comparison. (I realize the other speakers are the internal speakers.)

work deviceinfo.txt (4.78 KB)
home device info.txt (8.44 KB)

That’s strange.
What is the make and model of your home computer?
Do you know if your home computer is supposed to have special audio playback features, such as quadrophonic, surround sound, or multi-channel playback?

I’ve never heard of a sound card with two pairs of speaker outputs, so I suspect the problem is that the built-in sound card is perfectly ordinary, but the sound card drivers are messed up.

It may be possible to work around the problem by using your Samson G-Track Pro for recording and playback instead of the built-in sound card.

Will try that, using the Samson mic.
Will let you know model of home PC.

Also, just bought this percussion software program, Brushify Pro, but it won’t load into Audacity. put the VST dll into the Audacity plugins dir. It’s 64 bit, that’s probably why it won’t work.

So, I want to be able to hear using the software while trying to record it. (I see the meter monitor going in Audacity when flipping to the internal speakers, but not when choosing the actual PC speakers.)

Maybe you’re right, the driver got messed up.

It was working in the past, but not anymore.

I tried reloading Audacity, no luck.

I have a HP Compaq 8200 Elite desktop PC.
Could not get it to sound thru my Samson mic
while trying to record in Audacity.
Only when I have the sound come thru my
internal speakers will it record in Audacity.
Pretty bizarre.
Any fix for this?

Resolved the issue!
I disabled the internal speakers.
That did the trick.
Now I can hear Brushify thru
Audacity while recording.
Easy fix.
Steve, thanks for your replies on this.