Can't hear sound files


I have used Audacity to import sound from a device that holds a tape casette. Once I have imported those audio files onto my Windows PC, I was then hoping to put them onto a CD.

I press ‘Play’ on the device (I can hear the sound files playing) and then press the Record button on Audacity and I can see the imported sound files appearing in the software, but when I the click on ‘Play’ in Audacity (without saving the file), I can hear nothing.

Am I doing anything wrong?

Thank you.


Assuming this is a USB tape player, Audacity and Windows must be set to play to the computer sound card, not the USB player.

Having done that, you can enable Transport > Software Playthrough in Audacity if you want to hear the tapes in the computer speakers while you are recording.

See this Frequently Asked Question .


Let’s just confirm something. You used File Import Audio to get your sound files into Audacity. Right?

Why did you press the Record button? Did you want to add a commentary by speaking some words? The Record button creates a new track containing whatever sound was being presented through the input device (usually your computer’s in-built microphone until you make a change to the device setting).

Audacity is a sound editing and mixing program it does not do CD burning. You need CD burning software to do that. If your sound files already existed as WAV files you have no need of Audacity, you can simply use your CD burning software to set up the playlist and then burn that playlist to an audio CD.

That’s not the way that I (and Gale previously) read SteveHigh’s question. He is trying to “record” from tape and not use “Audacity Import”.

@ Steve: this set of tutorials from the manual should be helpful:

especially this one:


Thank you for your replies.

I have managed to resolve this now - it was a codec issue.

Thanks for all your advice.