Can't hear songs after Lame decoder dowloaded -

I am new to Audacity beginner! Tried downloading the lame encoder and then saved my aup song to an mp3 format. the item I created in audacity has 6 part songs in it spliced together. I need this for an airband performance for my son…just snippits of 6 diff songs was all I need. Can’t seem to open the song and hear it on my iTunes or on my media player. I am working on the Windows 7 system.

I also cannot burn the song to an audio disc.

Even when I saved this entry as a WAV file I couldn’t hear it as I created it in the spliced aup format that I could clearly hear it on.

Can you help? thx so much

AUP is not a sound format. The AUP file is a text file that tells Audacity want to do with all that stuff in the _DATA folder of the same name. Both the AUP file and the _DATA folder make an Audacity Project.

Exporting a WAV file of your show should have worked. Audacity collects all the parts of your edit into one single stereo sound file and writes it to your computer. Right-Click > Open With > iTunes should have worked, too. You can use iTunes to burn an Audio CD.

I couldn’t hear it as I created it in the spliced aup format that I could clearly hear it on.

But you could hear it shorter than you expected? Without some of the silences?

If you used the Time Shift Tool, the silent gaps may not export. You can get around this by creating a new track underneath all of them with dead silence in it (Generate > Silence) for the whole duration of the show. Then export that.


Thanks for your response. I did use time shift tool…basically moved one song to just follow along directly the other. no silences between just continual…this is the way they want to do the performance, different character immediately following first character (song)

Can I send you my clip and maybe you can see it…i might have done something wrong?

re the second part to your response…ie creating a silence track…not sure how to do this…is there a tutorial for “dummies” sorry…so new at this and not that savy on the computer. thx

Lets start there.
How did you create the song? Did you download the music from the Internet, or record it with a USB cassette player, or …?
Does “your creation” play correctly in Audacity?

How did you export the WAV file? 4How did you try to play it?
Can you open the exported WAV file in Audacity?

Some of the songs were imported from my iTunes list and others were taken and created in mp3 format from youtube videos
these were all then separately imported into audacity.
created audacity aup file
then exported the entire production to ‘wav’
tried to open with “iTunes” and it then asks me “The song could not be used because the original file could not be found. Would you like to locate it?.”

what do I do next?

I don’t use iTunes myself, but perhaps this helps:

Thanks so much everyone. I was able to get it working…created a disc …thx for the help!