Can't Hear Playbacks Without Software Playthrough?

Hi there!

I am unable to play back my recording from audacity, without enabling software playthrough everytime. When recording, I don’t want to monitor my microphone and have it play back through the speakers. I’ve been using Audacity since 2009 and have never had this problem. Just bought my new 64 bit Windows 10 HP laptop, and downloaded Audacity, and it’s started doing this. Never had this problem before. Please help!


Start playing with the settings in audacity and windows. There is probably a check-box that needs to be checked/unchecked. Windows doesn’t make it easy when Microsoft releases new versions and things get changed behind the scenes. Really analyze the settings by having all settings windows opened – you will probably spot the problem. You could upload some screen shots of your settings windows (crop to the important information) might help the forum help you out.