Can't hear playback since updating

I’m desperate. It’s 12:32 am and I have three video game auditions due at 8 am and I can’t hear the playback. It’s soooooo faint. If I save the recording as a WAV (or I assume as an mp3) I can hear it fine. But I need to be able to hear it UNsaved, in order to edit!!!
This is a real mess. I also Really dislike the new layout (I liked the audio listing right in the tool bar) and the extra steps to “export as mp3” etc.
Thanks SO much for any help!!

Hey guys, never mind! Thank you, I found the same question asked earlier this year!
The playback volume control tucked into the playback meter!!
(WHY??? And why aren’t we told??? Seems REEEEEdiculous to me.)

This was done several releases ago and was documented in the Release Notes at the time.

Seems REEEEEdiculous to me.)

Muse did it to save real-estate space on the screen in the toolbars sections.


Actuall the various Export as <audio type) in the File menu was a comparatively late introduction in Audacity.

From version 1.0 through to 2.1.3 there was only the single File > Export Audio command (just as Audacity has again now).

It was only in version 2.2.0 that the extra commands were added to the File menu for exporting to some of the commonly-used file types.

Personally I prefer the new consolidated export dialog.

BTW if you are only ever exporting as MP3 the Audacity will remember your last used and offer MP3 as the setting next time you use the Export Audio command.


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