Cant hear myself...!

HI Folks

Apologies if this is really obvious…but i just cant figure it out…and I’m brand new!

I have an Acer with Windows 8

I have a guitar to USB jack…Audacity will record it.

However, I cant hear it through speakers, before or during recording or using headfone. So its pretty hard to get a sense of a track…and then I cant do the overdub but to put in voice or second guitar as i cant hear the original track…

Any ideas where Im going wrong

Many thanks

See here about selecting the correct playback device in Audacity after connecting a USB device

To hear the USB input while recording, enable Transport > Software Playthrough, but this has unavoidable delay.

To listen to a track in Audacity while recording a new one, enable Transport > Overdub (it should already be enabled) .


Hey Gale

Thanks for that incredibly quick reply!

I have tried those options…and just tried again and still no joy…any further ideas?

Many thanks

You have to select the correct playback device in Audacity’s Device Toolbar.

Try Generate > Tone… in Audacity then press SPACE to play the tone. If you can’t hear the tone, that is what you have to fix. What audio device are you trying to listen on? Have you muted that device by mistake?

What is the make and model number of the guitar to USB device? Does that device have headphones you can monitor in? That would be better because you can then monitor the input without latency.