Cant hear my previous recording whitout recording it twice

My version of Audacity is 2.0.3.
Hey, I know this has probably been answered, but i didnt find it…
My problem is that when I record the first voice, and want to record the second, it over-records the previous one… So i get a really distorted sound because it basicly recorded the same voice 2 times… If I record multiple tracks, the effect is even bigger… I looked around and saw that “overdub” was turned on at the “transport” bar. So I turned it off… But now the problem is that I cant hear my previous recording, so I cant sing in synch…
This problem just appeared a little while ago, I recorded over 40 other songs, and had no problems whatsoever…
Please help. Thank you!

That happens when you record from Stereo Mix or other service like that instead of the actual microphone or performance sound system. You are recording “Everything On The Computer” rather than your microphone. This is the setting you need to record Internet Audio, so it’s a common mistake.

Make sure Playthrough is turned off in Audacity Preferences and Preferences > Recording > Devices is set to your microphone.


Thank you, I think its good now :slight_smile: