Can't hear input

I’m a new windows 7 user who just downloaded Audacity 2.0.2. I’m using an Ion USB turntable to record LPs. All devices are working fine according to the control panel. I see meter levels in the recording device panel… Microphone USB audio codec default device… so the signal seems to be entering the computer but it seems pretty hot so I had to turn the levels way down. Computer master volume is up. ITunes plays back fine. I can see the levels in the Audicity input level meters but I can’t hear sound. When I hit start monitoring in the drop down menu nothing happens. When I hit the record button in Audacity I get the waveform but no levels on the output level meters.

In Device Toolbar, set the output device to your built-in computer sound device.

Then click Transport > Software Playthrough which will let you hear what you are recording (and let you hear when monitoring) by sending the output to the input.


Looks like I am having the same problem - just bought Grace tape deck #TAPE2USB II and downloaded latest Audacity v2.0.2 and can’t record

Win 7 (lots of memory & disk) - I can record from iTunes (works) but when I connect the Grace USB - the sound cuts out completly - (USB/Sound setting??) – I hear nothing from the computer - when I start the tape deck - I can see the meter going but nothing is being recorded - see my screen image below
SRing Audacity.jpg

This is expected - see .

In that image, Device Toolbar is set to record from the mic jack of the built-in computer sound device. If your intention is to record from the USB turntable, choose USB Audio CODEC or similar for the Input Device, and Speakers (IDT High Definition) or similar for the Output Device (your built-in sound device).

If you do not see USB Audio Codec, click Transport > Rescan Audio Devices.

If you want to hear what you are recording through the computer speakers, click Transport > Software Playthrough (On/Off) so that it is ON (ticked).

This is all explained in the Manual ( ) .