Can't hear computer audio [SOLVED]

Hello everyone!!! I wonder if any of you can help?
I have Windows 7 on laptop and using Audacity 2.0.2 version. I have a Rode mic which plugs into computer (HP Pavilion dm1 laptop) and headphones that plug into the mic.During editing the headphones are plugged into laptop. Please can anyone tell me what the settings should be on my computer for recording and during editing and after editing, for the sound to come out of the computer, not just the headphones?
I haven’t recorded anything for months and it all used to work perfectly, but for some reason I’m unable to listen from the computer anymore.(The computer does work - sound wise eg. you tube etc) I’ve spent about 3 hours fiddling with the settings on the computer and have managed to become totally confused (as well as agitated!!!) I am a total novice and not ‘tec’ minded. Oh please someone help!!! :confused:

Right-click on the speaker/volume icon and select Playback Devices.

From there, you should be able to make your speakers the default playback device.

You can also set the Audacity Playback Device from the [u]Audacity Device Toolbar[/u].

Thank you, I will try later.

Thank you so much… all sorted (I think!!!).