can't hear audio

I open my files in a newer version of audacity, but I can’t hear the audio. Could someone help me please. It is an important interview. I attached the file
Counseling (140 KB)

An Audacity Project consists of an AUP project manager file which tells Audacity what to do with all that stuff in a similarly named _DATA folder. Do you have the Counseling Interview.aup file there by any chance?


If you have bouncing green sound meters and blue waves, then you probably do have a show, whether or not you can hear it.

Look at the Devices Toolbar and make sure the playback system is trying to use the actual speaker or headphone.


I’ve already answered this off list.

In case you did not receive it, here is the answer again.

Your old Audacity 1.2 project opens with the AUP file but the AU files (the ones in your ZIP) are absolute silence. I don’t know how they got like that, but it could have happened if you opened the project in a recent version of Audacity, had the AU files in the wrong folder so that Audacity said the files were missing, and then in the dialogue for missing audio block files, you chose to silence the audio permanently.

Please see this article about the structure of Audacity projects: .

If you have an earlier version of the project, I suggest you open it in 1.2.5 and export that as WAV. You should always make a new folder, then copy the Audacity 1.2 AUP file and _data folder into that new folder as a backup, before opening a 1.2 project in current Audacity.

Then trash 1.2.5 and obtain 2.0.6 from here