Can't hear audio for imported MP3


I imported a MP3 into Audacity and it’s showing two double waveforms. I can’t hear audio at all. I can hear audio fine when playing the same file in Groove Music. Is there a setting I should be changing? What’s going on here?

Thank you!

If you are using a USB audio device, see:

I’m not using a USB audio device. I imported from a file saved on my desktop.

And I checked the playback devices setting. That hasn’t resolved the issue.

Would you like to share that information?

I’m using headphones. They play other audio fine – including this file when I open it in other applications. I just can’t hear the audio in Audacity. Is it because of the dual waveforms?

What sort of headphones? USB? Bluetooth? How do they connect to the computer?

I’m using headphones.

What sort of headphones? USB? Bluetooth?

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