Can't hear anything

So I’ve just downloaded the software, plugged my microphone into my computer and set it up as usual. Then I start recoding my voice using the instructions on the website for a first time recording, but when I stop it and try to listen to it, I can’t hear a thing. I’ve tried plugging my headphones into my computer and straight into the microphone but nothing seems to be doing the trick…
I have Windows 8 on my computer and am using Audacity 2.1.2
Any idea as why this might be happening? Or how could I fix it and get it to work properly?
Thank you in advance :frowning:

Sometimes when Windows sees a USB sound device, it will try to send the sound back to the USB device when you’re finished recording. Look at the speaker symbol device in Audacity and see where it thinks your audio should go.

Things might return to normal if you unplug your USB microphone. That’s the clue to what’s happening.


Thank you :smiley:
I’ve unplugged my mic and now I can hear as normal. :slight_smile:

I’ve unplugged my mic and now I can hear as normal.

That’s just Windows default. If you don’t want to keep having to plug and unplug, change the Playback settings in Audacity.