Can't hear anything using Audacity 2.0.2 w/ Apogee MiC/Sony

Please HELP!

I’m not tech-savvy and am trying to figure out how to use this program. I’m working on a MAC OS X system and have the Apogee MiC connected to my MacBook Pro via usb cord and Sony Headphones MDR-7506. I recently downloaded Audacity 2.0.2 and then the LAME plug-in as well. Audacity recognizes the MiC but not my headphones it seems. I can’t hear anything when I press record even though the green light shows on the MiC. Any step-by-step advice out there? Or video instructions? I’m totally lost!



You have your headphones connected to the headphone connection of your Mac, right?

Close Audacity.

Apple > System Preferences > Hardware > Sound > Output. Make sure Headphones or Built-In Output is selected. When you’re done, you should be able to hear the Mac volume control Poit Poit Poit sound when you change it.

What’s the same place you can change the microphone or input as well.

Start Audacity and make sure the device toolbar matches. You can change these settings using the toolbar, but that may not affect other applications.


Thanks! I did that before and tried again. Yes my headphones are in the headphone connection as well. The Out-put is set to headphones on the Mac but on Audacity the only option I have is “Built-in Output” I am able to record my voice but cannot hear what I said until I play-it back. Is that normal? Is there no way to hear yourself in the headphones as you record? It seems silly and pointless if you can’t… :confused:

Also if this helps… as if I were using Garageband to listen to myself record I simply turn on the “Monitor”. Is there something I am missing on Audacity to turn on my voice while I record? Thanks!

Yes, try “Software Playthrough” in Audacity, and the LineIn application if playthrough fails. Be aware there will be playthrough latency - a delay before you hear yourself. See: .