Can't get turntable activated directly or through Audacity

I am using a Starlogic USB turntable #62904201 with Audacity 2.0 (from the.exe installer) on a Windows 7 computer. When I first got the item in 2007 I was able to record LPs to my computer then transfer to CD (using an earlier version of Audacity). I haven’t used the equipment in several years. Now when I attempt to do a transfer I can’t even get the turntable to start up (neither directly nor through the Ausacity interface). I checked both the power adapter and the USB cable and both seem fine. Can anyone give me some troubleshooting suggestions? Thanks.

Let me read this back to you, “I plugged the turntable in and it doesn’t go 'round and 'round.” Koz

It’s nice to see such “helpful” comments from the “Forum Staff.” Let’s hope this isn’t representative of the quality of responses posted to ligitimate questions and problems! It really puts people at ease to post what may seem to be stupid questions to the “Forum Elite.”

is there a Manual for the turntable with “troubleshooting tips”?

Are there any lights on the turntable, or any hum suggesting power is going through it?

Have you taken the platter off and seen if the spindle goes round? If it goes round, (assuming it is a belt drive turntable), try reattaching the turntable belt to the rim of the platter.


To tell the truth, I don’t think koz was being disrespectful, just letting you know that you did not tell us anything, now i use the word US meaning the forum. I am kinda dumb when it comes to recording, But all i got from your post was the same thing. you plugged in the turntable and it did not work. so let us knjow exactly what you did and what happened. On my turn table i have to move the tone are over the record befor it will come on. Is this the same with yours. Again mean no disrespect but this is a form for a program not hardware, but i am sure that if you give us (the forum) some info all of the members will try to help Marty