Can't get scripting to work on Lubuntu 13.10

I am using Lubuntu 13.10.

I have downloaded and compiled Audacity 2.0.6 as of today.

I have successfully compiled Audacity and it runs fine.
I also followed the directions for compiling mod-script-pipe, it compiles fine and copies the file to the modules directory.

Both Audacity and were built today within minutes of one another.

But when I launch Audacity it doesn’t seem to pick up the scripting module. This is what I get when I try running the test script

   ~/audacity-read-only/scripts$ ./
   Could not open /tmp/ at ./ line 46.

I check the modules directory and see the .so file is there

   browser@browser:~/audacity-read-only/modules$ ls -al
   total 36
   drwxr-xr-x  2 browser browser  4096 May 19 09:01 .
   drwxr-xr-x 20 browser browser  4096 May 19 19:50 ..
   -rwxr-xr-x  1 browser browser 25101 May 19 20:01

I look in the /tmp/ directory and neither pipe is there even though Audactiy is running.

What’s a good way to debug this?



I presume that you read the bit where it says that Mod Script Pipe is experimental and not supported :wink:

Try creating a folder:


Put the file into that folder, then restart Audacity.

Any better?

There is a test perl script included in the SVN tree: “/scripts/”

Funny – the make puts the file in ~/audacity-read-only/modules – I didn’t see any reference to ~/.audacity-files.

The documentation says, and I quote:
“Under GCC, move into the lib-src/mod-script-pipe directory and type “make”. This will build the module and copy the “.so” to the modules directory.”
The implication is that everything is ready to roll.

Thank you for the pointer about ~/.audacity-files. I copied to that directory and now when Audacity starts up it sees the module.

I’ll change my local version so make puts the file in the right place.

Time to go try it out!


What should happen, if this were part of the Audacity release, is that building would create the module .SO, then installing would copy it to a modules folder in the installation directory. Mod-script-pipe is not part of the official release, so it does not get “installed”.

By default, building from source and installing would put plug-ins into:
and modules into:

By default these folders are owned by root, which is not very convenient for installing optional plug-ins or modules, but fortunately you can also use:

I have clarified the Manual for the next release.


im facing the same problem (with ubuntu 15.10)
I downloaded audacity from git
configure the project
compiling mod-script-pipe
then I compiled audacity
no error
i execute audacity
then i runned the test script in ./script
but it return me

Could not open /tmp/ at line 46

any one can help me?