Cant get rid of "noisy echo" from podcast

Hello guys, I recorded podcast, my guest have some weird “noisy echo” which I cant get rid of :frowning: I tried noise cancelation of course. I tried different settings and nothing helped. Its really important podcast and I am attaching what I am talking about. Is there any chance to get it fixed via Audacity? Thank You

That’s automatic noise cancellation on the phone or whatever they were using for their voice. The spaces between groups of words doesn’t sink to normal background sound typical of an open microphone. It goes to dead zero. That “talking into a jar or wine glass” quality is another effect of phone processing.

The person doing that has no idea any of this is happening. All they know is the person they’re speaking to understands everything and responds as needed.

You can understand all the words, it’s just not studio quality.

There’s no filter or correction for that. The effect is permanent.

The Hollywood answer is to write down the words and have an actor with the same voice read them in a studio. If it’s well done, the real person never catches on—or is too busy to care.



I am new to all this, but I ran it through the TDR Nova Plugin (Free Plugin) with the settings shown in the image below and I added in some white noise at (-60dB). I think it took away some of the muffled sound and so it sounds clearer, but it still has some echo in it (see attached SUMSUM3.mp3 file).

I didn’t spend a lot of time with settings on the plugin, but if you were to spend more time, you might find better settings to clean up the sound.

Not sure if that helps.