Can't get recording option to work with new soundcard

I have the Creative Soundblaster soundcard. The connection to my pc and mixer is very easy to set up per the instructions, however, I am not able to record using the soundcard. I get a “recording device is busy now, try again later” Is there something that I need to do to my pc to enable the soundcard on the pc or something…help

This is the best error message I’ve ever seen. Bar none.

“Recording device is too sleepy to wake up”

Have you selected the soundcard as the recording device in Audacity? That’s in the Edit → Preferences → Audio I/O menu? Does it even show up there?

Also, how many channels are you trying to record at once? And from which source (mic, line, etc)?

After that, this wiki page has some good advice for XP and Vista users (you didn’t mention your OS):