Can't get playback sound

Audacity newbie here - set it up on an old Toshiba, windows 10, to digitize my LP collection. The sound it going through to the software and there when I play it back b/c I can see the monitors move on recording and playback, but I can’t get any sound out of the PC.

For recording options I have Microsoft Soundmapper. Microphone (USB audio Codec), and Internal Microphone (Conexant S.

For playback I have MS Sound Mapper Output, Speakers (USB Audio Codec) and Speakers Conexant Smart Audio. I have a pair of external speakers plugged into the PC.

I’ve tried every possible recording/playback combo and, I can see the monitors move so the software recorded something, but I can’t get it to playback.

I’m not very technically literate but think this is probably something really simple I’m missing.


Let me be a little more clear - I recorded something and I can play it back. I see the monitors move both while recording and during playback. I there’s little or no sound when I play it back.

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