Can't get past "Could not open mp3 encoding librar"

I have a Mac, Powerbook 15 inch (June 2012); Lion OS 10.7; Audacity 2.0.4; obtained the .dmg installer.

I have no problem editing audio files, but I can’t export files as mp3 files. I followed the directions precisely.
1–First I get a warning: You are about to export a mp3 file with the name……aup. Normally these files end in .mp2. Are you sure you want to export the file using that name?"
I changed the file extension from .aup to .mp3
2–The next drop down I get is “Edit Metadata.” I entered my name as Artist Name/etc; otherwise made no changes.
3–The next drop down file/menu “Locate Lame” says:
Audacity needs file libmp3lame.dylib to create mp3s.
To get a free copy of Lame, click here - Download

I have downloaded the file many times. I can’t get past the next message “Could not open mp3 encoding library.”

What am I doing wrong? What should I do to export/use my edited files?


Step One was wrong.

See illustration. Do not put any dots in your filename and it’s a bad idea to put any punctuation marks in there except dash and underscore. No dates for example. Today is 2013-12-28.

I know there’s a magic trick to installing Lame. I need to look that one up.


You may need the alternate install for Lame.